SUSTAINABILITY (The circular economy, the 3 P’s)

We see sustainability as having 3 key strands, the 3 P’s.
  • People (our team, those who visit and those living in the community)
  • Planet (how we protect and help and play our part best we can for this and future generations)
  • Profit, or should I say survive, by us surviving we generate enough income to keep doing what we must, and this helps the local economy survive also.
O'Carroll Oak

The Planet

Birr Castle Demesne is a fully registered charity with a core mission in education, inspiration and sharing our rich heritage.   We are very fortunate to be in a unique and beautiful landscape.

Our demesne is classified as a wildlife reserve, our wildflower meadow is Appendix 1 which means it is an exceptional example of a wildflower meadow and it is protected by law, a feast for the eyes when in full bloom.

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Our People and our Community

We run many (around 20 per year) free of charge community events and we work closely with groups from disadvantaged communities. All the town schools have complimentary access to the site during the academic year, we are also working in partnership with our local educational training board on Horticultural Fetac level 3, 4 and 5 and several other courses they run.   Many of our team are with us a long time and we ensure our team are part of our story on a day-to-day basis.

Kids Running with Trail
Tree Meadow Castle


The impact our attraction has on the community is all positive, we believe we contributed to the region and town by being open and trading well.    The organisation itself is a non-profit organisation, and funds raised through grants and ticket sales go back into our mission and preserving this unique site.