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“After you exit the museum the gardens are very huge and feature a variety of topography including hills, lakes, a rose garden, a waterfall and Europe largest telescope. Its a gorgeous place and very well maintained, its also large enough that it never feels crowded. Bring a picnic and enjoy a full day of walking in this beautiful park”
23rd July 2022

“A wonderful, well-kept park with a remarkable variety of plants awaits you. Tours that are equally interesting for young and old visitors await you, and at the cash desk you get well-designed trails that guide you through the park, depending on your interests. And when nature has completely cast its spell on you, you will then encounter the family’s centuries-old scientific past in the form of a unique telescope and an impressive exhibition! There is also a nice cafe and a very nice playground! Highly Recommended!”
– 30th August 2022

“The science museum is worth the visit alone to learn about the telescope and the family who got behind it. Beautiful grounds to walk around in and plenty of places to stop for a picnic…don’t litter so bring your leftovers with you.”
– 2nd September 2022

Fun filled memory making day out for all who visit Birr Castle Demesne

The Award-Winning Gardens of Birr Castle Demesne in Ireland are both rich in amazing feats of science and engineering, as well as rare trees and flowers, wonderful wildlife, walks along peaceful rivers and the lake. Celebrating 400 years in 2021, this remarkable family have resided at the romantic and inspirational setting of Birr Castle Demesne, that is now home to the 7th Earl of Rosse. The Parsons family invite you to explore one of the most extraordinary places in Ireland. Created over generations it is an environmental and a scientific time capsule.

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Below is a snapshot video of the Demesne recorded in early Summer. It will give you an overview to what an amazing place Birr Castle Demesne is, we do hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-dfXXOp9j0



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Welcome to a unique and extraordinary place



One of Ireland’s most extraordinary places created over generations



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LOFAR is one of the most sophisticated and advanced astrophysics research projects in the world


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Giants Grove at Birr Castle



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