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Fun filled memory making day out for all who visit Birr Castle Demesne

The Award-Winning Gardens of Birr Castle Demesne in Ireland are both rich in amazing feats of science and engineering, as well as rare trees and flowers, wonderful wildlife, walks along peaceful rivers and the lake. Celebrating 400 years in 2021, this remarkable family have resided at the romantic and inspirational setting of Birr Castle Demesne, that is now home to the 7th Earl of Rosse. The Parsons family invite you to explore one of the most extraordinary places in Ireland. Created over generations it is an environmental and a scientific time capsule.

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Below is a snapshot video of the Demesne recorded in early Summer. It will give you an overview to what an amazing place Birr Castle Demesne is, we do hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-dfXXOp9j0



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Guided Tours

Choose from an array of guided tours that cover science, history and the Parsons family



One of Ireland’s most extraordinary places created over generations



Discover what Birr Castle Demesne has to offer for your students of both Primary and Post-Primary!



Take a walk through the tranquil paths of Birr Castle Demesne and get lost in its natural beauty


Wild Connections

Discover SFI's Wild Connection Programme at Birr Castle Demesne



Castle guided tours visit the castle on set dates and times between May to September



LOFAR is one of the most sophisticated and advanced astrophysics research projects in the world


Giants Grove

Learn about the Giants Grove Project in Birr Castle Estate



Discover the ever-changing colours of the seasons at Birr Castle Demesne

“A highlight of our holiday. This castle, on the edge of Birr town, is home to a truly extraordinary family of engineers, botanists and astronomers – all down the generations. To see The Leviathan, the largest telescope in the world at that time, and to learn about the remarkable engineering ‘brains’ that the family is full of, is remarkable.” June 2022

“I had a lovely few hours at Birr Castle. Not knowing anything before my visit, it was a great education in the great discoveries the Parson family has made. Also a very enlightened family with many strong females of the family being able to express themselves with their interests.” June 2022

“Stopped here and didn’t plan to stay for long but ended up staying for ages. Its a fascinating place to have a nice relaxing walk and learn about the family who are responsible for early advances in astronomy. The self guided tour through the museum is really interesting and you can take as little or as long as you like.” March 2022

“Absolutely stunning, I’m not sure why this isn’t talked about more as one of Ireland’s best attractions, the grounds are amazing for exploring for young and old and there’s lots to see and do here,especially the Museum in reception which was worth the entrance fee itself.”  7th March 2023