Guided Discovery Tour


14 -17 March 2020 inclusive

And every Saturday thereafter at 12:00

From 21 March –  12 September

Limited spaces, pre-booking is highly recommended.

Birr Castle Telescope

This fascinating 60-minute guided tour focuses on the rich heritage and phenomenal achievements in science, astronomy, photography, engineering and botany attributed to the Parsons family who have lived at Birr Castle for 400 years.  Gain profound insights in the seven-gallery Science Centre with its extraordinary artefacts (including one of the world’s oldest intact darkrooms with hologram), followed by a viewing of the awe-inspiring Great Telescope of 1845 the biggest in the world for over 70 years. End with a visit with free time in  the 120-acre parkland and award-winning gardens with more than 4000 species of trees and plants.

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