Plant Collection

Brendan Parsons and his wife Alison, the 7th Earl and Countess of Rosse have visited many countries on plant collecting expeditions, especially northern Pakistan from where, among others, we have an excellent young specimen of Abies pindrow. Also, seeds have been brought from Mongolia and of course China, especially Yunnan. Areas of the demesne are dedicated and planted with speciality plants from regions such as Chili, Mexico, East Aisa and in particular Yunan.

Several plants and trees grown within the gardens and parklands are named after members of the Parsons family such as the tree peony Paeonia ‘Anne Rosse’ which was raised at Nymans the home of the late Anne, Countess of Rosse. Also, Magnolias, such as the Magnolia ‘Leonard Messell’.

Lord Rosse Flowers