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Nature Awareness Post Primary, Birr Castle

Common Sense – Nature Awareness

How do our senses compare with those of animals? How do our senses work when put to the test in isolation? Can we still taste if we can’t smell? Can we identify smell if we can’t see? How good are our senses of sight and hearing? Using full immersion games, activities and experiments we will learn about our human senses and how they work. We will learn some amazing facts about animal senses, why they developed and how we compare. What are the super senses that we don’t have? Are we really the top animal on the planet? Be prepared for some surprises.

2 hours

€12 per student


The Rocket Launch

This workshop commences with an interactive exploration of our solar system and the planets within it. We examine the properties of each planet, and compare their size and distance from each other and the Sun. Once we establish the destination for our rocket launches we discuss the history and science behind them. We design, build and experiment with a variety of rockets that will be launched towards the “International Space Station” and beyond.

2 hours

€12 per student

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Birr Demesne is a very special microcosm, its own little world of protected wildlife and plant life.  The demesne is an area of over 50 hectares, walled in on most sides and well protected from invading species. Explore the  habitats, biodiversity, adaptation, food chains and lifecycles within the demesne. Become an amateur naturalist for the day. Using quadrats, magnifying lenses, bug viewers, butterfly and pond dipping nets discover the wonderful world of nature from flowers to trees, dragonflies to dippers. Use identification keys and learn how to upload findings to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

2 hours

€12 per student


Pinhole Photography

Inspired by the work of Mary Rosse, students will visit the room in which she worked – it is believed to be the oldest complete darkroom in the world. They will learn about the history of photography, build a pinhole camera and take photographs that will be turned into negatives and contact prints in our working Mary Rosse Educational Darkroom. The students will learn about light, composition and the process of capturing an image on photographic paper using chemicals. Each student will leave with a negative, print or photogram at the end of the session.

4.5 – 5 hours

€18 per student


Post Primary Science at Birr Castle


Earth and Space

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Birr Castle Junior History Cycle


The Past in My Place

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