Archives - The Rosse Papers

The Rosse papers are one of the most important collections of manuscripts in private ownership in Ireland. Extending from the early seventeenth century, when members of the family first established roots in the country, to the present, the core of the family archive is provided by the papers of successive members of the Parsons family. This calendar is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of: seventeenth and eighteenth-century Ireland; science in the nineteenth century; the British navy in the eighteenth century; the evolving story of the surviving families of the Irish landed elite in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and in the influence of a particular family that contrived over a number of centuries not only to transform Birr into one of the country’s most elegant small towns, but also to construct and sustain one of the finest country houses and its gardens.

Access to the archives is by appointment.

Birr Scientific and Heritage Foundation has the licence to copy and distribute images in the Birr Castle archives. Please contact for enquiries

The Calendar of the Archives, produced by the Irish Manuscript Commission is available for €75.

The Calendar of the Rosse Papers edited by A.P.W. Malcomson

Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin 2008

ISBN 978-1-874280-69-9