Kids at Birr Castle Gardens

Kids at Birr Castle Demesne

Did you know? 150 years ago Birr was the silicon valley of the world? If you were a mad scientist, engineer or astronomer Birr was the place to be.

Why? – before the days of computers, broadband and smart phones, you had to travel to where the big discoveries were being made, not only did Birr have the biggest telescope in the world, but also had some of the best engineering, mathematical and creative minds. Everyone from as far away as Australia and Russia, and even Charles Babbage (the inventor of the computer) came and were inspired.

We believe strongly at Birr that by using the past inventions and discoveries of the Parsons’ family, we can captivate our young, so that they can see how science can be fun and is relevant to their lives, and inspire them to continue to study this exciting subject through leaving into a fulfilling career.

Treehouse Adventure Area

The Adventure area inside the garden, houses Ireland’s largest Treehouse as well as picnic areas, sand pits, sweet shop and hobbit hut. The playground is open from 9.00 until 18:00 daily in the summer and until 16:00 from Oct – Jan.

Dogs are not permitted with the children’s playground area.

Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times within the Gardens and Treehouse area.