Clubs and Groups

Due to the situation with Covid-19, we are currently unable to facilitate our on-site education programmes. Please contact education@birrcastle.com to enquire about our remote learning opportunities.


Nature Explorers

Explore habitats and biodiversity.

Learn about food chains and lifecycles. Using identification keys, magnifying glasses, bug viewers, butterfly and pond dipping nets discover the wonderful world of nature and become an amateur naturalist for the day. Create your own woodland creature that tells the story of your journey through the demesne.

Birr Castle float your boat

Float Your Boat – Engineering

Perfect for the Girl-Guide Engineering Badge

Inspired by Charles Parsons, learn the science behind boats. How does a boat float? Design and build a variety of boats and test their maximum cargo limit, speed and tracking. Evaluate and improve the design and race your balloon powered boats in our outdoor pond.


The Rocket Launch

What are rockets? How do they work?

Learn the history and science behind a rocket launch, design and build your very own ballistic rocket and launch it to the International Space Station. Who will successfully dock with the ISS? Whose rocket will travel the furthest?